About *Argos*

The Argos a Contest 48
Ipurchased Argos in 2017. During 2018 I regularly sailed with the ship. Mostly on the North Sea, to learn about the ship, to see what I want to have changed for offshore sailing  and of course to enjoy sailing her.
The boat will be on shore during the winter of 2018/2019 for maintenance and adjustments  In April 2019 she will be back in the water


Type Contest 48CS
Construction year
14.75 m
4.25 m
2.05 m (finkiel)
21.5 m
18.300 kg
Sleeping cabin
2 x with double bed
Sailing plan

Cutter rigged main sail 3 reefs
Genoa 140%
Cutter jib

Why I bought this ship
My wishes are a solid boat to sail the oceans with the possibility to sail solo. Furthermore I looked for  spacious compartments with headroom for me and  long sleeping places.
This is  a challenge because of my height of 6 ft 7’(202 cm).
This Contest 48cs is a solid Lloyds class A built ship, which I can  sail alone, does well in terms of speed, has a lot of space within and enough headroom  She  has enough luxury to keep it pleasant.
In addition, I just think it’s a nice boat.




under construction